Dr. Pranjalin Prakash Kavar
Dr. Pranjalin Kavar

Dr. Pranjalin Kavar is a Post Graduate of Ayurvedic Medical Science from Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar. With the continuous practice and upgradation in service since 1997, Dr. Pranjalin Kavar has earned a considerable credit in Multiple Ayurvedic Treatments with a vast Clientele spreaded across the World. Patient once consulted by Dr. Pranjalin Kavar gets unimagined results with zero side effects due to Ayurvedic Medicines. This is the reason why more and more people, residing in Urban Cities have adopted Ayurvedic Treatment which has maximum results in long term and 100% harmless.

Initially operating from Jamnagar, Dr. Pranjalin Kavar has attained an expertise in Garbha Sanskar and Gynec Related Issues which attracts major Patients recently married or about to marry. Not only does she provide a perfect solution to each disease but also provides additional consultancy which involves various other factors in addition to medicines like Lifestyle, Family Environment, Cultural Effects, Mutual understanding between partners and other family members, Professional Work, Food Habbits, Exercice & Yoga, and much more.

What makes her different than other Ayurvedic Doctors is the use and implementation of Technology to maximize the effects of Ayurvedic Medicine and give an Information Rich Experience to each and every Patient by explaining the fundamentals of Ayurveda and their Trust in Ayurvedic Treatment, which increases the curing effect upto 80% and minimizes the curing time upto 50%. This attracts many techno savvy and rational patients who believe in transparency and logic behind the science of Ayurvedic treatment.

Apart from Online Consultation via www.mydreamchild.com, what patients get in addition is the Individual Face to Face and Personalized Consultation to every single patient at a regular interval as per the patients' comfort and availability in Ahmedabad. Limited Edition Services and Consultation gives the patients a class apart and an unparallel quality and customization in Ayurvedic Treatment which results in a never before experience both in terms of curing and the overall journey towards Healthy Life !

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