My Dream Child is having satisfied clients across various corners of the World and is growing faster with the tremendous increase in awareness about Ayurvedic Science in India and other countries. My Dream Child team is working hard to provide one stop solution to various Ayurvedic treatments related to Garbh-Sanskar, Infertility and Gynec related Diseases. Till date, all the clients of My Dream Child are 100% satisfied with the results of Ayurvedic treatment served by My Dream Child.

With the World moving towards Digital Era, where everything can be controlled with Artificial Intelligence, people across the Globe have also surrendered to the age old techniques of Aryurveda which has zero side effects and no damage to your body which generally is caused with chemical medicines.

All the treatments at My Dream Child are not newly invented, but the practice of same Ayurveda which was defined more than 100 years back with proved results and outcomes as per the expectation of the patient.

My Dream Child is a concept to secure the future of your Dream Child before it is actually born ! Since it is proved by the latest science that, the qualities of a baby are not developed only after it is born, but since conception stage itself, you can mould it as per your desire. Not only that, you can also avoid the hereditary diseases which otherwise are likely to get into your Dream Child since its birth.

With My Dream Child concept, you actually are designing your Dream baby, in all aspects, be it Physically, Mentally or Spiritually. As the characteristics of both male and female partners are carried into sperm and egg cells, it becomes extremely important to control the atmosphere in which both partners live and plan their baby. Not only atmosphere, but the food, thinking as well as each and every part of their lifestyle, actually affects the characteristics of the upcoming baby, your Dream Baby. My Dream Child provides a detailed yet simple ways to follow to improve the quality of Sperm and Egg Cells, which ultimately results into desired characteristics in your Dream Baby.

My Dream Child provides various packages which starts with an enhanced 1 year implementation before conception to post conception treatments. Natural delivery is one of the most important and desired result from majority of the patients which is the best way for Mother and Child’s health.

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