Yoga-Pranayama-Exercises During Pregnancy
Yoga Pranayama

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to experience. It is awesome to realize that a person is being formed on the inside of you, and that God trusts you with that life. You are not in this alone - God cares very much about your pregnancy. He wants you to have a full-term, healthy pregnancy in which you feel good, sleep well, and then deliver a healthy baby.Yoga will help you undergo a comfortable and safe pregnancy and delivery, whatever be your health or the circumstances.

Here are some important points that you need to know before embarking upon your yoga practice sessions:
  • Choose a well ventilated room, or if the weather is good, then opt for outdoors.
  • Try to set aside a special time that you can devote to yourself, free from outside distractions. Ideal time is early morning or in the evening before eating when your stomach is empty.
  • Do get into the habit of doing your asanas at the same time each day.
  • You need a soft firm mat on which to practice your ground postures.
  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothes, preferably cotton, as your body needs to breath during the sessions. Leave your feet bare, and take off your watch and extra jewellery.
  • Listen to your body. You are the best judge of what you can and cannot do. Never push yourself too hard. Always come out of an asana, if you feel any strain or discomfort. Listen to the signals your body send you.
  • Do your postures calmly and gently- avoid rough, jerky actions while practicing yoga.
  • Hold each asana for a comfortable time.

When you practice the yoga asanas, the pattern or sequence is very important. During each sequence, the body gets stretched and toned, and each asana complements the one executed before.

Importance of Yoga:

Breathing and Relaxation:
Since yoga teaches controlled breathing and relaxation techniques, it can be beneficial for pregnant women in a couple of ways. First, it can help you to deal with some of the stress and physical pain commonly experienced in pregnancy. Plus, some moms say that it even helps to reduce morning sickness. The breathing and relaxation techniques utilized by yogis are especially valuable during labor and delivery. Moms who practice yoga regularly report that using these techniques during contractions can lessen the pain significantly and are more likely to successfully give birth naturally. The success rate seems to increase for moms who begin the practice early in pregnancy and continue throughout.

Body Work:
Practicing prenatal yoga can help to get and keep your body in shape. Yoga also helps to make your body more flexible and toned. Research has proven that women in better shape before and during pregnancy are less likely to experience complications during labor and delivery.

Energy and Mood Booster:
Pregnant women often experience fatigue, which can exacerbate depression and irritability. The practice of yoga helps to balance you emotionally and has been proven to boost energy. And, since yoga can help to reduce tension and stress, many moms report better quality sleep as a result of a regular program.

Positive Effect On Baby:
The baby, too, benefits from all of this yoga. It receives increased oxygen and endorphins. The movement of the asana practice also gently massages the baby and creates an inner remembrance of relaxation. Babies will carry this within them throughout life.

Importance of Pranayam:
  • It makes the life meaningful and social.
  • It keeps the balanced in all the conditions and situations mother.
  • It manages psycho physical diseases.
  • It makes the body healthy.
  • It helps in controlling the modalities of mind.
  • It gives opportunities to soul to flourish.
  • Intellectual development is accelerated.
  • Will power becomes strong through its practice.
  • It helps to deliver baby naturally.
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