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Course Features

  • The Necessity Of Garbha Sanskara
  • Parenting an art in the modern era
  • Safe motherhood with the help of Ayurveda
  • Benefits of garbhasanskara to the baby, mother, and society
  • Sanskara and its importance in Ayurved
  • The scientific view of garbha sanskar
Preconception care (Beej sanskar)
  • Anatomy and physiology of female and male
  • Infertility and IVF according to Ayurveda
  • Preconception care for male
  • Preconception care for female
  • Garbhadhan Sanskaar
Anti natal care (Garbhasanskar)
  • Pusavan sanskar and its importance
  • Masanumasik paricharya
  • Dohardaya avastha and its importance
  • Role of Diet in pregnancy
  • Role of Yoga in pregnancy
  • Role of Mantra in pregnancy
  • Role of Sadvruta in pregnancy
  • Beauty care during pregnancy
  • Grbha Samvad and its importance
  • Normal delivery promotion tips
  • Baby Brain development techniques
  • Remedies for Minor Problems
Post Delivery care (Sutika Paricharya)
  • Sutika Paricharya includes Jatkarma, Lehan, Nadikalpan, Namakaran, Annaprashan, Upaveshan, Karnavyadhan, Stanyaapanayan etc. Sanskara
  • Newborn care according to Ayurveda
  • Sutika and newborn abhyanga
  • Role of postnatal exercises
  • Role of meditation after delivery
  • Diet plan for baby and mother
  • Rasayan and immunization in newborn
  • Breastfeeding importance and technique
  • Common childhood diseases
  • Premature birth and childcare
Case presentation and discussion

Fees : 5,000 INR (without food & accommodation)

Eligibility Ayurvedic Practitioners & Students, BHMS, MBBS, Dieticians& Nutrition Experts, Health Enthusiasts, Homemakers, Peoples Associated With Food Industry

Duration12 hours, 2 hours ones in a week

A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the course by My Dream Child Academy.

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Pranjalin Prakash Kavar
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Dr. Dipa Mehta - 08128984106
Dr. Pranjalin Kavar - 09825211733

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