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“I am really grateful to Dr Deepa Mehta and Dr Pranjali in Karva for Giving such a nice online session on Garbh Sanskar. you explained all basic concepts of Garbh Sanskar in detail with practical aspect and scientific knowledge about it. You also shared your experience of clinical practice on Garbh Sanskar. you made a great example for implementation of karva Sanskar and present Era for youth generation. I learnt a lot from this course which became very useful to me. Once again thank you so much.”
-Dr. Happy Patel

“Extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Deepa Mehta and Dr Pranjalin kavar for rendering on such a wonderful topic like Garbh Sanskar. Being a lady apart from being a doctor I could relate to the topic more. I really appreciate your lucid style of explaining the chance of topics interestingly with a scientific base. What you are doing the most is your deliberation of your own experience of clinical practice on Garbh Sanskar. It is such a vital concern for all human beings. practicing your gospel on Garba Sanskar would definitely bring about positive changes and says that are going to flourish happily and healthy later on. This course will definitely harvest fruitful season 2 me and my clinical practice. I highly recommend this course to all medical practitioners, men and women aspiring to be proud parents also. A must do course for all. Thank you again!”
-Dr. Devanshi Joshi

“Garbh Sanskar the word is itself as divine as it sounds. Thank you so much doctor Pranjalin Kavar and Doctor Deepa Mehta for the knowledge sharing of the divine journey of motherhood. Thank you for teaching the science and history of Garbh Sanskar which goes to the roots of our Indian culture. what I have learnt will help me in the future to make my practice better and understand my patients better.”
-Dr. Bhenika Virpariya

“I attended the course of the Sanskar which was very comprehensive insightful and very much helpful and beneficial for me in terms of gaining practical knowledge as well as refreshing and adding the basic concepts about the same.I am very glad to attend the course and waterport Unity to utilise the time of lockdown phase effectively. Once again thanking you for guiding us all.”
-Dr. Sarita Malik

“The lectures were very effective for me because of the way you teach us and what are the main things important for practice. it gives the knowledge about the connection with the lady and how to deal with her family and husband when she is pregnant. all the sessions are very useful for me because it increased my knowledge and skill and how we did these all things. Thank you so much.”
-Dr. Hiteshwani Patel

“After joining this class not only did it clear my misconceptions about Garbh Sanskar but it also taught me about how to deal with pregnant women and surrounding and family members. I also learnt how a daily lifestyle affects a pregnant lady. Thank you so much for giving us such vast practical knowledge on how to learn practice and future and how to deal with patients.”
-Dr. Jenny Mehta

“Firstly I am very happy and thankful for the opportunity to learn from this class and from Deepa Maam and Pranjalin Maam. The classes were a success for me as it cleared my concepts and were helpful in my exams and helped me change my thinking process about Garbh Sanskar. The classes went by so fast that I did not realise which means that I really enjoyed studying the classes. I received satisfaction from learning the classes and I know that it is worth my time and will be helpful in my journey. everything that I have learnt that this class can be applied practically in my practice and this increased my confidence immensely. The course design and classes were PERFECT!”
-Dr. Dhruvi Patel

“These classes clear a lot of doubts and confusion that I had from studying from my University. This improved a lot about my basic knowledge and made me interested more in the field of pregnancy and Garbh Sanskar. all the points were covered in the classes and everything was explained perfectly. The timings and schedule were flexible according to us which was very convenient for us. if some concepts were hard to understand for us they were explained to us repeatedly till we understood it. Everything started with examples. I am very happy to attend these classes.”
-Vidhisha Thakkar

“The classes felt like heaven to me. After listening to and attending the classes about Garbh Sanskar I learnt a lot about it and I feel like I know everything about it now, thanks to Dr. Pranjalin kavar and Dr. Dipa Mehta. Thank you for the amazing knowledge that you have shared with us. I learnt about counselling and consulting in the classes and how it is important for a pregnant lady during Garba Sankskaar. It feels like these classes have opened new doors for my life.”
-Vimal Patel

“I am very thankful to the MDC team and special thanks to Dr. Pranjalin Kavar for being an expert advisor at all times. Heartiest thanks to Dr. Dipa maam for teaching us this wonderful process very deeply.”
-Dr. Pooja Kagathara

“I consider myself lucky to be able to attend knowledge of Garbh Sanskar which is a very interesting subject for me from Dr Pranjalin Kavar and Dr. Deepa Mehta. this proved that the only source of knowledge is experience and Google and YouTube cannot teach us what experience can teach us. Since I joined his classes has been feeling like Ayurved a great gift to humanity and it's better when you receive the knowledge of Ayurveda from Aacharya like you both. Website the cases and results of their practice and how they counsel their patients and share knowledge with them which is very useful for us in our own practice. These classes are one of the best moments of my life where I learnt about humanity and how it is more important than earning money. Thank you so much for teaching me these valuable lessons. These classes also taught me the importance of doing everything on your own and It will be very helpful in my future. Thank you so much.”
-Vidhi Patel

“Firstly we are very thankful for the golden opportunity to learn Garbh Sanskar from a practicing doctor like Pranjalin Kavar. I learnt about the Origins of Garbh Sanskar as well as corrected all the misconceptions I had about pregnancy and Garba Sanskar. I learnt about the relevance of Garbha Sanskar in the present Times I got a lot of knowledge about how to be helpful to a mother during pregnancy and how to inculcate all the teachings in my current practice. After joining the classes I made a lot of changes in my family lifestyle and health routine to make 1 hour every day and live better and healthier. Thank you so much mum for this amazing, valuable and knowledgeable class.”
-Jinal Gajjar

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