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My Dream Child is a revolutionary concept from Ayurveda for pre & post conception science to infuse various qualities and characteristics in your Dream Child! Its not a magic, but the same great age old fundamentals of Ayurveda!



Dr. Pranjalin Kavar is a Post Graduate of Ayurvedic Medical Science from Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar. With the continuous practice and upgradation in service since 1997, Dr. Pranjalin Kavar has earned a considerable credit in Multiple Ayurvedic Treatments with a vast Clientele spreaded...

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Ayurvedic Treatment is the Core Expertise of MyDreamChild Team, top of which is Garbha Sanskar, which the World call it as 'Designing Babies' before they are Born ! MyDreamChild also provide bunch of expert advices on how to use Ayurvedic Science in healing several commonly found diseases in day to day lives.

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Customer is God ! And their Statements are Gospel ! Check what actual Customers who have experienced various Ayurvedic Treatment from MyDreamChild says about us, Want to see yourself here? Let the World see how you benefitted from Ayurveda, simply write your Testimonial and send it to dr@mydreamchild.com

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Garbh Sanskar

The process of upbringing of a baby right from the time it is in Garbh (womb) of mother is what is known as Garbhasanskar.

The Child in the womb starts adopting qualities and characteristics of outer world since very beginning. A special attention is needed to provide an atmosphere which is suitable to infuse desired qualities in your unborn baby. Various characteristics like Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social and Emotional development of your child can be controlled and improved with Garbhasanskar techniques.


Infertility of Male or Female is not the end of your Dream Child !

Yes, with Ayurvedic treatment, it has revealed that majority of couple having infertility issues, are solved successfully and got their Dream Child exactly as per their expectations without any side effects and disorders.

Ayurveda has solution of all kind of Infertility related problems, which are very frequently seen now a days in society due to hectic and busy working lifestyles of both partners.

Gynec related diseases

Get solution to more than 100 different Gynec Disease with Ayurveda. The Most difficult and complex situation for any women is when she is pregnant or she is planning for pregnancy. For any Dream Child, the mother’s womb is its home. And hence it has to be the most comfortable place without any disease, deficiency, pollutants and other possible agents which may affect the future of your Dream Child physically as well as spiritually. Get a stage wise schedule of Ayurvedic Medicines which does not have any side effects and yet makes the mother’s womb – pure and sacred place for The Dream Child.

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