Advance Course Ayu Anna Pranali Vigyana - Design Your Food For Health
The Ayurvedic Guide to Eating Right

Course Features -
  • Introduction - About Ayurveda and Anna
  • Ayurveda in Context of Anna - Basic Concept of Ayurveda (Panchmahabhoota, Tridosh, Dhatu, Mala), Concept of Agni And Ama; Aahar Poshan Nyaya (Anna Pachan Kriya)
  • Anna In Ayurveda - Anna Bandharana - Concept of Rasa. Virya, Vipaka And Prabhava; Classification of Anna – 12 Varga; Agrya Aahar; Viruddha Ahara (Incompatible Foods)
  • Roll of Anna in - Dinacharya & Rutucharya - Aahar According To Rutu and Its Importance
  • Anna Sangrahavidhi and Kitchen Pharmacy - Methods of Storage (Place, Vessels, Preservative Etc.); Kitchen as a Pharmacy with herbs and spices, Place of Kitchen and Its Effect
  • Cooking Technique - Sanskars (Tools And Techniques For Maximum Nutrient Absorption); Roll of Utensils, Flam According to Aahar Kalpana
  • Aahar Vidhi Visheshayatan - Food Intake Method According To Ayurveda and Its Benefits
  • Aahar Vidhi – According to Ayurveda
  • Pathyapathya - Disease Wise Aahar With Recipes
  • Aahar Chikitsa – Eatery Therapy (Dietary Management)
  • Arrange Your own Food - for More Immunity & Nutrition value
  • Unique Ayurvedic Recipes

Registration -
Fees : 5,000 INR (without food & accommodation)

Eligibility – Ayurvedic Practitioners & Students, BHMS, MBBS, Dieticians& Nutrition Experts, Health Enthusiasts, Homemakers, Peoples Associated With Food Industry

Duration -12 hours, 2 hours ones in a week

A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the course by My Dream Child Academy.

For Payment - Account Details
Pranjalin Prakash Kavar
Bank - ICICI Bank Ltd.
A/C NO. - 020501506005
IFSC - ICIC0000295
Branch - S.G. Road

Contact Details –
Dr. Dipa Mehta - 08128984106
Dr. Pranjalin Kavar - 09825211733

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