Female Infertility Treatment
Female Infertility

Ayurvedic treatments for infertility are based on individual body constitution of the individual. It will help to remove the causative factors of infertility and enhance the capability of ovulation, fertilization, preventing abortions etc. Treatments are directed at enhancing the self healing mechanism of your body, so that the body can rectify the underlying root cause of the symptoms.

  • Counseling is an essential part.
  • Nourishment of General Health.
  • Regulating diet and behavioral habits.
  • Treat defects and infective pathologies if any.
  • Relieving stress factor concerned with work or related to conception.
  • Ensure digestive power (agni) is strong enough.
  • Clear any obstructions, blockages or outgrowths
  • Medicines for regulation of normal physiology of reproductive system.
  • Sharir shodhan (purification) i.e. removal of body toxins and developing healthy body tissues by means Panchakarma is very effective.
  • Following rules of sexual intercourse.
  • Last but not the least Love and affection between the couple and pleasant state of mind plays an important role.
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