Pancha Mahabhutas
Pancha Mahabhutas

According to Ayurveda FIVE ELEMENTS concepts is everything behind all creations in this universe. From a grain of sand to the complex anatomy of human being is made up with 5 Elements (Pancha Mahabhutas). When we look at the beauty of nature around us, these Elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) form the basis for all materialistic creation. We get nourishment for our body with foods which are generated from these elements, and eventually, our body returns matter from which it came. And at last when we die, our bodies return to these elements.

These five elements are:
  • Akash so on – Space
  • Vayu - Air
  • Tej - Fire
  • Jala - Water
  • Prithvi - Matter

Ayurved uses the characteristics of these five elements (pancha mahabhutas) to identify various objects.
The elegance of this science lies in the simplicity of the basic concepts, and the powerful analytical tool they provide for internal (body-mind) and external (environmental) assessment. The elements (mahabhutas) have certain qualities, attributes and impacts on the body and mind. All objects and substances are a mixture of the five elements, but they have one dominant element that allows them to be identified and classified.

Within a simple, single living cell for example the earth element predominates by giving structure to the cell. The water element is present in the cytoplasm or the liquid within the cell membrane. The fire element regulates the metabolic processes regulating the cell. While the air element predominates the gases therein. The space occupied by the cell denoting the last of the elements. In our multi cellular body;

  • Space / akasha is present wherever there is a cavity like in the nostrils, mouth, ears, throat, lungs, and stomach
  • Air /vaayu in movement of the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and joints, mind.
  • Fire / Agni in all metabolic activity, the eyes, intelligence and body temperature.
  • Water / jala in all body fluids like plasma, blood, mucus, and saliva
  • Earth / Prithvi in any solid structure like fat, muscles, skin, nails, hair and bones.

The equilibrium of these five elements in the body denotes health while their imbalance or disturbance denotes disease. Panchabhautik chikitsa is a branch of Ayurveda which bases the analysis and treatment based upon this principle.

The word Panchabhautik chikitsa encompasses a variety of aspects regarding health, diet, exercise, profession, environment, drugs, and preparation of the medicines, diagnosis and treatment, based on Panchamahabhuta theory. The core concept involves interpretation of the scientific knowledge and disease management approach on the background of Panchamahabhuta theory.

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