When you’re bringing a new life into the world, it’s important to make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet for you and your growing baby.

We all know that oranges are a great source of vitamin C, but did you know that they are packed full of other nutrients that can help keep you and your little one happy and healthy?

Peel them, slice them, or grind the peel – there are plenty of ways to incorporate oranges into your diet. Here are just a few of the great health benefits you can reap from eating oranges during and after pregnancy.

Benefits of orange during pregnancy
  • Oranges have many phytonutrients which are highly beneficial for pregnant women.
  • The antioxidant property of oranges aids in boosting the immunity levels of both the moms-to-be as well as the new-borns.
  • Oranges possesses anti-inflammatory action, which helps in preventing conditions like arthritis, joint problems etc. These conditions being one among the most common problems during pregnancy would be taken care of by consumption of oranges.
  • The potassium content of oranges is capable of preventing high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • They are very good sources of fiber and so helps in preventing problems like constipation in expectant mothers.
  • They increase the urinary pH value and citric acid excretion and thereby prevent formation of kidney stones (calcium oxalate).
  • Oranges have proven effects against ulcers.
  • The carotenoid compounds in oranges have proven effects in maintaining optimum respiratory health in normal conditions as well as pregnancy period.
  • The noteworthy content of folic acid in oranges, helps in preventing occurrences of neural tube defects in your babies.
  • Drinking orange juices have been proved to ease labor and prevent occurrence of post-natal infections in mothers and their little-ones.
  • Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron and so having an orange before any meal or iron supplements would enhance absorption of vitamin C. This specific nature in oranges is capable of fighting against anemia during pregnancy.
Analysis of contents:
Water 87.8%
Protein 0.9%
Fat 0.3%
Carbohydrates 10.6%
Calcium 0.05%
Phosphorus 0.02%
Iron 0.1mg/100gm
Sodium 2.1mg/100gm
Potassium 19.7mg/ 100gm
Magnesium 12.9mg/100gm
Copper 0.07mg/100gm
Sulphur 9.3mg/100gm
Chlorine 3.2mg/100gm
Vitamin ‘A’ 350 I.U./100gm
Vitamin ‘B’ 120I.U. /100gm
Vitamin ‘C’ 68 I.U /100gm
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