Cosmetic Care
Cosmatic Care

During pregnancy many cosmetic Problems arises on skin, hair, teeth and figure. To solve these cosmetic conditions we have to use herbal remedies, which are not harmful for baby and mother and will help to combat all physical changes occurring during pregnancy. Apart from internal medicines we can provide local treatments like Abhyanga, Lepam. etc to enhance beauty.

Common skin problems:
  • Hyper pigmentation of face – cholasma or butterfly scar
  • Stretch Marks on abdomen and thighs
  • Dry skin
  • Skin tan

Other than a good skin care range, in order to have healthy skin during your pregnancy, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

Common hair problems:
  • Hair loss
  • Premature graying
  • Dandruff

Homemade masks are a great way to pamper your hair. Mix olive oil with almond oil or castor oil and gently massage your hair with it. To wash off your hair use a mild herbal shampoo and do not forget to apply a herbal conditioner. If possible stay away from harsh chemicals and go for natural products that are safe for the baby.

you must ensure that you consume a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. During pregnancy the body requires more protein and if you do not consume enough of proteins your hair will be denied of its share. So eat according to your doctor’s suggestions and keep taking the prenatal vitamins. They will ensure that your hair remains strong and shines with health.

Common Dental Problems:

Taking care of your oral health is crucial during your pregnancy. All that progesterone and oestrogen swimming around your body can cause gums to soften and bleed leaving you more susceptible to gum disease, sensitivity and other tooth problems. During pregnancy your blood flow increases by 30-50%, which explains those radiant rosy cheeks but also explains the increased blood flow to your gums that can cause gum problems.

  • Bleeding gums
  • Tooth decay
  • Discoloration of teeth

It is more important than ever to brush and floss your teeth effectively during your pregnancy. Brush regularly and thoroughly (though not too vigorously) after meals or sugary snacks, at least twice a day. Try not to give in to too many sugary cravings and stick to a healthy, well balanced diet packed with nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables.

Streach Mark care:

From around the beginning of the third month of pregnancy it is advisable to start using oils infused with herbs which check the development of streachmark.

Breast care:

From the beginning of pregnancy, the breasts are evolvingFrom the beginning of pregnancy, the breasts are evolving and preparing for the arrival of the baby. Pregnancy hormones play a vital role and cause a number of changes in the breasts:

  • Growth and enlargement – due to the increased blood flow in the breasts, they may feel swollen, sore and tingly.
  • Tenderness of the breasts – it usually occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Darkening of nipples and areolas (the skin around the nipples), due to hormones that affect pigmentation of the skin.
  • Darkened veins along the breasts due to increased blood supply to the breasts.
  • The breasts may start leaking a yellowish, thick substance known as colostrum.
  • Protruding nipples and the areolas and nipples will grow larger
  • A well-fitting support bra should be worn at all times. This will provide good support for the enlarging breasts.
  • The breasts should be washed daily (without soap) to remove dried colostrum and to prevent irritation to the nipples
  • Massage your breast lightly with herbal oil for 5 to 10 minutes every day. After the first trimester this can be done twice or thrice a week during whole pregnancy. This helps reduce sagging of the breast after the baby has been weaned.
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