Female Infertility Causes

Generalized debility, history of trauma to reproductive organs, anemia, tuberculosis, hypothyroidism, physical or mental stress, etc. may be cause of infertility.

History of repeated abortions weakens the uterine tissues, thus preventing the uterus to retain the fertilized ovum for longer span. It may also lead to long term infections. Past history of diseases like measles, rubella, etc. and frequent urinary tract infections serves an efficient cause for infertility. Fear or unawareness about sexual intercourse, or conception requires effectual counseling which can solve the problem for sure.

Unhealthy food habits, changing lifestyle, untimely meals, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, over exertion, self medication, or excessive use of hormonal pills to regulate menses according to our convenience plays against natural course resulting in infertility. Smoking impairs ovarian function and prevents embryo implantation into the endometrium. There can still be a long list to add but these are the few which should be taken care of.

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