Shukra Dhatu
Meaning : Reproductive fluid or Semen

Shukra means bright, pure and radiant. It can also mean the “essence” of something. Ch. Chi. 30/145
This is the dhatu which is highly responsible for the reproductive elements of the body.It are the most refined product or essence of all the seven dhatus. It is referred by two different names wherein in male it is known as Sukra and includes the sperm and in female it is known as Sronita and is responsible for ovum.

Production of shukra dhatu:

The core nutrients of majja dhatu (bone marrow) help in production of Shukradhatu.
According to texts of ayurveda shukra dhatu is pervading all over the body (sarva shareera gathaha).

Yada payasi sarpistu gudaschekshou raso yadha
shareereshu tadha shukram nrinaam vidyaat bhisagvarah || Ch. Chi. 2/4/46

Shukra is present in our body in invisible manner as ghee is indistinguishable in milk. Same way jaggery can not be seen directly in sugarcane.

Shukra dhatu in men:

The invisible shukra present in body gets ejaculated through penis in the form of visible shukra or semen. Semen gets ejaculated when men indulge in sexual activities after getting stimulated by sexual thoughts, touch etc.

Shukra in Children:

Yadhaa mukulpushasya sugandho nopalabyate
labhyate tad vikaasaat tu tadha shukramhi dehinaam || Ch. Chi. 2/4/39

Children will have shukra in dormant stage . This is compared to buds of flowers which have hidden fragrance in them. The visible shukra appears when children reach adulthood.

Shukra in women:

yoshitopi sravatyeva shukram pumsaam samagame
tannagarbhaaya kinchittu karotheethi vichintyate A. S. Sha. 1

The shukra in women gets secreted during sexual activity. But this is not useful in garbhotpatti (fertilization)

System carrier : The Reproductive System

Rakta Dhatu (Blood) is the blood tissue, especially the red corpuscle component of blood, which carries air and oxygen in the body. It has Pitta Dhosa characteristics and its leading element is fire.


PRAJANANA (GARBHA UTPAADANA or CREATING ANOTHER LIFE) Shukra Dhatu allows us to produce another life. The term “Shukra” stands for “Seed” specifically here the sperm or the ovum in women and all reproductive fluids in general. When it is insufficient, it causes a general lack of creativity in life and specifically, Impotency and Infertility. Su. S. 15/5

It provides Energy, Strength and Stamina for the entire body and upholds the autoimmune function. The reproductive fluid gives light to the eyes and inspiration to the soul.

Originates from : Testes or the Uterus
Waste Product - No waste Product

Symptoms of Shukra Dhatu Disorders -
Shukra vriddhi laxanas (symptoms of increased shukra dhatu)

"ati sthree kaamataam vriddam shukram shukrashmari mapi" Su. S. 15/14
When shukra increases beyond limits, it produces ati kaama or increased interest in sex and shukraashmari (seminal caliculus)

  • Increased desire for sex
  • Perversion
  • Preoccupation with sex
  • Excessive semen flow with increased prostatic secretions but low sperm content
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Multiple Cystic Ovaries
  • Premature Orgasm
  • Multiple Orgasms
  • Sterility

Shukra kshaya Laxanas:(Symptoms of decreased shukra dhatu)
Dourbalayam mukhasoshascha paandutwam sadanam sramah klaibyam sukraa visargascha ksheenasukrasya lakshanam Ch. Su. 17/69

Difficulty in ejaculation of semen. Ejaculating little quantity of semen after a painful coitus.
Weakness Early ageing symptoms with dry skin and wrinkles on face and body
Weak muscles
Getting tiered easily even after little exertion
Impotence or erectile dysfunction
Absence of semen ejaculation.

Causes for Shukra kshaya or decrease of shukradhatu (semen):

"jarayaa chintayaa sukram vyandhibhih karma karshanat kshayam gachchatyanasanaat streenam chati nishevanat"Ch. Chi. 2/4/43

Old age, Mental stress and worries, chronic diseases, under nourishment and excessive indulgence in sex or increased ejaculation of semen leads to shukra kshaya or reduced quantity of semen.

Fear of sex:
  • Low Libido
  • Pain during Coitus
  • Sterility
  • Low Sperm count
  • Impotence
  • No Ovulation
  • Primary Sterility
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