Suvarna Prashan – Ayurvedic vaccination

It is one of the Sanskar out of the sixteen sanskars described in Ayurveda. The process in which SUVARNA(GOLD) or herbs with gold are taken in the form of liquid, semi solid or paste form by children through their mouth is called SUVARNA PRASHAN

Benefits of Suvarna Prashan:
  • Enhance immunity
  • Physical strength becomes powerful
  • Grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, recall memory becomes very strong
  • Improve digestion power
  • Tone up skin colour
  • It gives strong protection from infection
  • It prevent diseases which occur due to seasonal changes.
  • It also prevent different kind of allergies.
  • It helps in preventing diseases that occur during teeth growing phase.
  • It increase alertness in child
  • According to Acharya Kasyap, it also protect the child against undesirable planetary effects, and infection from various microorganisms.
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