Monthly Diet Plan - During Pregnancy

As long as there is no family history of medical diseases, eating the right kind of food will ensure that you have a healthy baby.
A study conducted by the Harvard school of public health has shown how baby’s health at birth is directly related to mother’s diet. During pregnancy of the women who were on a excellent diet, 95% of them had healthy babies, where as who where thriving on junk food only 8% of them had healthy babies and 65% had premature , malnourished , functionally immature or stillborn babies. At each stage of the foetus’ growth, its need change. We must make sure that it receives everything required at appropriate time. Acharya Charaka recommends that milk and milk products be consumed, on their own, or cultured with medicinal herbs, on a daily basis throughout pregnancy. The various organs and dhatus of the child in the womb develop at different times, so a specific diet has been planned as required by the foetus.


A pregnant woman is like a pot full to the brim with oil which requires an absolutely steady hand to take it from one place to another. The pregnant woman must pay attention to this new life that is as dear as her own life, as well as herself, with great care.


Following these monthly guidelines throughout pregnancy ensure that the woman’s waist ,back, pelvic region hips and thighs, remain lubricated, soft and flexible. In this way, vata especially apan vata (required for delivery) is balanced so that labour starts at the appropriate time, and the birth of the child is easy, safe and uneventful. These guidelines also ensure that the baby is born healthy and robust, with an excellent complexion, a strong voice and optimal physical structure.

    During this time, when pregnancy is first suspected, small quantities of milk at room temperature (but boiled earlier) should be sipped throughout the day. Eat which is suitable and can be digested easily. ( Charaka Sarirsthana)
    The woman should consume milk boiled with water and sweet – testing herbs, such as shatavari,gokshur, bala and vidari. (Charaka Sarirsthana)
    Milk with ghee and honey should be taken every morning (Charaka Sarirsthana)
    1 tablespoon (10 grams) of homemade butter should be consumed every morning with candy sugar. (Charak Sarirsthan)
    Milk with ghee should be consumed. (Charaka Sarirsthan)
    During these months , the consumption of ghee infused with sweet herb is recommended, ideally on an empty stomach. For example , Satavari ghrit, or Yashtimadhu ghrit. ( Charaka Sarirsthan)
    From the eighth month onwards, kheer, a special soup-like preparation made with milk and sugar and various types of grains should be eaten.( Charaka Sarirsthan)
    Yoni pichu and Anuvasana basti of taila prepared with the drugs of Madhura groups. (Charaka Sarirsthana) Following these monthly guidelines throughout pregnancy ensures that the woman’s waist, back, pelvic region, hips and things, remain lubricated, soft and flexible. In this way, vata, especially apanavata (required for delivery), is balanced, so that labour starts at the appropriate time, and the birth of the child is easy, safe and uneventful. (Charaka Sarirsthana)
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