Mango during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a lot about food and nutrition. Your taste buds are always craving for the odd food, rendering you and your loved ones restless. The hunger pangs and cravings often raise the question of whether the food in demand is suitable for consumption during pregnancy. One such food item, the luscious, juicy and extremely tasty, the king of fruits – MANGO is frequently demanded by expecting women. Some ladies crave for the tangy and sour taste of unripe mangoes (kairi) paired with salt whereas some for the flavorful and juicy ripe mangoes.

Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes During Pregnancy

Controlling the above factors, mangoes hold a plethora of nutritional benefits:

  • High antioxidant content: The high antioxidant content of mangoes help in increasing the immunity- which a pregnant woman needs a lot of to keep herself safe and away from infections
  • Vitamin C and E: Mangoes also have ample quantities of vitamin C and E, which provide glow to the skin and have anti-aging effects.
  • Provides iron: Mangoes are rich in iron and helps women combat anemia, which is a very common problem during the pregnancy.
  • High mineral content: Mango is a decent source of various minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. These minerals ensure healthy functioning of organs
  • Fights constipation: Mango is diuretic in nature and aids in digestion. The rich fiber content also helps in keeping the bowel movement healthy, fighting off the most common side effect of pregnancy- constipation
  • Provides energy: Get tired easily? Grab some of the yellow fruit and get instant energy. Mango is rich in carbohydrates and is great in preventing fatigue during pregnancy
  • High in beta carotene: Keep your system clean by eating a few slices of the king of the fruits. Mango flushes out the toxins from the body, fights bacteria and boosts immunity
  • Cures acne: Mangoes help in improving skin texture and can also be applied externally to fight acne
  • Improves brain health: The Vitamin B6 found in mangoes improves nerve functioning
  • Healthy development of baby: Mangoes are also beneficial to the growing baby. Being rich in many vitamins and minerals, consumption of mangoes during pregnancy helps in growth of baby during pregnancy. Keeps eyes and nervous system healthy!
  • Satisfy your sweet cravings: Instead of grabbing a bucket of ice-cream or a big piece of cake, go for a few slices of mangoes to crave that sweet tooth of yours
  • Can help in weight gain: If you are not gaining enough weight, do have mangoes regularly and mind you – you will put on those pounds quickly!
  • Creating body fluids in balancing condition is one of the benefits of mango during pregnancy. Mango has potassium contained, a substance that useful for maintaining body fluid balance. If there is too much fluid in the body, it can be dangerous for pregnant women. The heart will overload and the fluid will accumulate in the legs to make an edema so the pregnant women will difficult to walk

Mango’s potential benefits have been explained above. However be careful of the high sugar quantity of this fruit. Mango contains 15g sugar per 100g which makes this fruit naturally sweet. You should avoid this if you have gestational diabetes where the blood sugar increases during pregnancy.

Be careful also to the artificially ripened mango. It uses calcium carbide which harms for both of the mother and the baby. Watch out for the signs of artificially ripened mango include a garlicky smell, a white powdery coating, soft to touch, ripe outside but unripe inside, and time to ripen quicker than normal mango. To reduce the possibility buying artificially ripened mango, try to buy the mangoes when in season and buy them in your trustable fruit merchant.

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